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About me

As a mother of three boys who has journeyed through separation, divorce, and perimenopause while managing a career and young children, I intimately understand the challenges and opportunities that come with change.

Now, as the founder of my own business, fuelled by these firsthand experiences, I remain passionate and determined to help individuals and organisations navigate their own challenges associated with midlife transitions.

For women focusing on their careers while juggling various midlife transitions and responsibilities, life can easily become overwhelming. Sleep deprivation and hormonal changes may exacerbate feelings of anxiety and overwhelm, underscoring the importance of prioritizing self-care. 

Regardless of your unique experience, the key to living your best life lies in regaining control so you can explore what truly ignites your passion and purpose. 

Within my coaching programs, I offer a comprehensive range of potent tools aimed at fostering holistic well-being and facilitating lasting transformation.
I am here to champion your journey and guiding you towards an exciting and sustainable way forward.